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  PSY101H Honors General Psychology Spring 2024
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CRN Subj Crse Sec Credits Title Campus Addl Fees
36859 PSY 101H 30 3 Honors General Psychology Arnold
Term Start Date Term End Date Times Days Bldg Room
JAN 16, 2024 MAY 17, 2024 10:00AM-10:50AM MWF JCA 310
Instructor(s) Instruction Type Max Enroll Enroll

Brandon Whittington

Lecture 15 13
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Course Description
PSY 101H Honors General Psychology

Prerequisites: Honors Program admission and reading proficiency

Honors General Psychology, taught in a seminar format, reviews the scientific study of behavior and mental processes found in humans and animals. This course includes a survey of the fundamental concepts, principles, historical trends, figures, theories, overarching themes, research design, pivotal empirical findings, and applications in psychology. Students will develop knowledge of psychology's major content domains of neuroscience, consciousness, cognition, memory, learning, social, personality, emotion, multicultural, abnormal, health, and psychotherapies. Students cannot apply both PSY101 and PSY101H toward graduation. (F)

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