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  BIO212 Anatomy & Physiology II Spring 2024
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CRN Subj Crse Sec Credits Title Campus Addl Fees
37542 BIO 212 24 4 Anatomy & Physiology II Hillsboro
Term Start Date Term End Date Times Days Bldg Room
JAN 16, 2024 MAY 17, 2024 06:00PM-07:15PM MW ASI 117
Instructor(s) Instruction Type Max Enroll Enroll

Kenneth Wilson

Lecture 32 18
Section Comments
*BIO212-24: Must enroll in BIO212-25 or BIO212-26 212-42

Course Description
BIO 212 Anatomy & Physiology II

Prerequisites: BIO211 with a grade of "C" and reading proficiency; BIO120 will not fulfill the prerequisite for BIO212

Anatomy and Physiology II is a continuation of BIO211 with emphasis on cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, excretory, and reproductive systems. Laboratory time is required. (F,S,Su)


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